Only pay for chats
you accept

Chatstrike Pricing for Recruiters:

Attract candidates for free.

Only pay if you choose to accept to message with them.


Simple usage-based pricing means you don’t get locked into big contracts.

Usage Fees Per credit*

Upfront Fees Per credit*

Hidden Fees Per credit*

Broadcast your job openings everywhere knowledge workers hang out.

*How many credits are required to accept a chat?
  • Job Lobby hosts control the credit requirements to accept chats in their Job Lobby. For some Job Lobbies, it is completely free. For others, it is 2-10 credits.
  • In addition to chats sourced from 3rd party-hosted Job Lobbies, you can manually create chats yourself or invite specific applicants to answer pre-chat questions and chat with you. Each of these "pre-accepted" chats is 1 credit.
What is free?

Platform Access Search the Chatstrike platform to discover Job Lobbies hosted by 3rd parties, such as content creators, influencers, and communities for specific professional niches.

Joining Job Lobbies Join as many Job Lobbies as you’d like by adding your job to the relevant Job Lobby.

Candidate Review Review candidates who have requested chats with you.

Candidate Questionnaires Customize pre-chat questions to collect info from candidates, so you can decide which chats to accept.

Unlimited Messaging After accepting chats, efficiently chat with multiple candidates at once over messaging. If desired, continue messaging with the candidate throughout the interview process.