Creating a Great Candidate Experience

Chatstrike CEO & Founder, Cameron Levy is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated over a decade to developing software solutions with a sole focus: making life easier for recruiters and candidates. His journey in this space began when he founded an AI-powered job matching startup, right after graduating from MIT.

During this experience, Cameron identified a major problem plaguing the recruitment industry: the 'black-hole abyss'. This term describes the void that candidates fall into after applying for jobs, often waiting weeks to hear back. The root of this issue lies in the overwhelming workload faced by recruiters, who simply don't have the bandwidth to conduct 30-minute phone screens with every applicant.

As tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams became staples in the workplace, Cameron noticed a paradigm shift. Messaging started to replace traditional methods of communication, not just personally but professionally as well. This sparked a revolutionary idea: to leverage the efficiency of messaging to tackle the 'black-hole abyss' problem, improving the candidate experience, and streamlining the recruitment process.


Cameron Levy

CEO & Founder, Chatstrike


AI: Empowering Recruiters, Not Replacing Them

The vision for Chatstrike is to end the black-hole abyss problem by enabling recruiters to interview all potentially qualified candidates within 24 hours of applying. This will only be possible through efficiency-driven features such as pre-chat questions, the capability to message multiple candidates simultaneously, AI-suggested messages, AI-initiated candidate assessments, and automated scheduling. Chatstrike believes the best candidates will continue to require immediate, human-to-human interviews. This is the cornerstone of an exceptional candidate experience, today and in the future. AI should be a tool to empower recruiters, not replace them.


Reducing Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

Unlike AI technology that may unintentionally introduce bias, at Chatstrike, a key value is to build technology that consciously reduces bias. Drawing from his experiences interviewing candidates on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, Cameron witnessed firsthand the impact of unconscious bias. Recruiters, including himself, often evaluated candidates based on verbal cues such as tone, accents, and speech patterns, unintentionally favoring perceived communication skills. Some candidates who initially seemed underqualified based on these biases turned out to be the best fit for the job. Chatstrike helps solve this by reducing unconscious bias.

Join us as we shape a new era in recruiting, making it more efficient, equitable, and human-centered.