Get up and running with Chatstrike app integrations.
Messaging candidates
  • Message candidates over Slack while they message you over employee-branded webchat
  • Get Slack bot notifications when prospects click on a chat and you have their attention
  • Get Slack bot notifications when prospects engage with your company and role information
1-click candidate requests
  • Request emails and resumes with one click using candidate requests
  • Answer FAQs with one click using message templates
  • Review resumes and prospect responses to pre-screen questions from the chat
Slack bot automations
  • Tag candidate posts with emojis and view your list of tagged candidates
  • View all candidates who haven't yet responded to your action item
  • View all candidates who are awaiting your response to their action item
Chrome extension for LinkedIn integration
  • 1-click email discovery from LinkedIn
  • 1-click outreach personalization from LinkedIn
  • Manual chat creation from any other site you use to find prospects
Greenhouse integration
  • Integration with Greenhouse ATS and CRM
  • 1-click to invite applicants to your Applicant Screening event
  • Automatic, stage-triggered chat creation as configured by job and source type
  • Real-time stage updates in Slack
  • 1-click navigation from Slack to candidate profile in Greenhouse
  • Messaging transcripts posted in Greenhouse
2x more candidates.
Half the hassle.