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Tom Erb
Tom Erb Renowned staffing consultant, speaker & author

“Chatstrike prioritizes speed and engagement with candidates, enhancing—not replacing—the recruiter's role by scaling the human element.”

Andrew Loewen from aflac
Andrew Lowen Aflac company logo

“We reach out to hundreds of candidates a week. Chatstrike's like having an F1 race car in a go-kart race. Each recruiter blazes through 20 chats an hour with simultaneous messaging interviews.”

Marlee Secary from zirtual
Marlee Secary Zirtual company logo

“With Chatstrike we’re able to personally screen 5 candidates in 15 minutes. Each recruiter went from hiring 2-3 people a month to 10-14 people a month.”

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up a Chatstrike account and get a scheduling link?

It takes 15 to 30 minutes to create an account and add a job on Chatstrike. Your scheduling link is ready to go after adding your first job.

Is Chatstrike free?

Yes, Chatstrike offers a free plan with unlimited interviews. You can choose to upgrade your plan for additional features. View pricing.

How does Chatstrike compare to other scheduling tools, such as Calendly?

Chatstrike is the only scheduling tool that is specifically for recruiters. It has many innovative features built for recruiter screens that save you time and create a great candidate experience. Chatstrike also offers a feature-rich free plan making it accessible to all recruiters.

How does Chatstrike simplify the recruitment scheduling process? How does Chatstrike work?

Chatstrike streamlines recruitment by providing a simple, free scheduling link. You can share your scheduling link directly with job applicants, or you can post it on Indeed and LinkedIn. Chatstrike boosts recruiter efficiency with smart scheduling, must-have requirements filtering, pre-chat questions, and automated email and text reminders, streamlining the entire screening process.

How does Chatstrike create a great candidate experience?

Chatstrike enhances the candidate experience through branded scheduling pages, job insights videos, and multiple interview formats, providing a professional and engaging interface for applicants. Chatstrike is also the only interview scheduling tool that allows candidates to schedule interviews over phone, video, or messaging. No software downloads or app installations are necessary.

What types of interviews can be scheduled using Chatstrike?

Chatstrike offers flexibility in scheduling, supporting various formats like phone interviews, video interviews, or messaging interviews.

What types of roles are recommended for using Chatstrike?

Chatstrike is proven to be extremely effective for all roles: junior or senior, hourly or professional, high-volume or hard-to-fill. Chatstrike can be customized for each job to optimize your preferred workflow.

For example, for high-volume roles, you can choose to require must-have requirements to schedule interviews with lengthy pre-chat questions upon scheduling. You can restrict candidates from scheduling phone or video interviews, so that all interviews are over messaging allowing you to simultaneously interview multiple candidates.

For hard-to-fill roles, you can add job content that will excite candidates about the role, such as job videos, hiring manager videos, compensation, or interview process transparency. You can allow candidates to choose their preferred chat style when they schedule: messaging, phone, or video.

Is Chatstrike good for high-volume recruitment?

Yes, Chatstrike is ideal for high-volume hiring because of its speed and the time it saves recruiters. Based on previous case studies, Chatstrike results in 4x more 2nd round interviews while each recruiter saves ~14 hours per week. Messaging interviews allow you to interview 3 or more candidates per 15-minute time slot, each chat in private.

Is Chatstrike good for prospecting and candidate outreach?

Yes, Chatstrike is extremely effective for prospecting candidate outreach because it helps you stand out from the noise with a differentiated candidate experience.

Your scheduling link allows candidates to view various info about the job asynchronously, such as job and company videos, compensation, and the interview process. Candidates can also choose their preferred chat style: messaging, phone, or video. No software downloads or app installations are necessary.

Can Chatstrike be integrated with existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Absolutely! Chatstrike is designed to work seamlessly with your favorite ATS, ensuring a smooth recruitment process without requiring any additional tools or juggling.

How does Chatstrike use AI to improve recruitment?

Chatstrike Copilot provides smart scheduling, task management, real-time suggestions mid-interview, and much more.

How does Chatstrike contribute to a more efficient interview process?

Chatstrike enhances the interview process by enabling recruiters to gather pre-chat information, schedule efficiently, and gain insights from AI analytics, leading to more informed and effective interviews.

How does Chatstrike ensure data security and privacy?

Chatstrike prioritizes data security with robust encryption measures, ensuring that all your data and interactions are secure and private.

What support does Chatstrike offer for first-time users?

For new users, Chatstrike provides comprehensive support, including tutorials, customer service, and an intuitive interface, ensuring a smooth transition and quick adoption.